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Keeping a job while attending school is challenging but finding a job in your professional field of study is even more time-consuming and frightening. With the amount of networking, applications and cover letters they have to fill out, students may feel overwhelmed —even with our school’s Panther JobLink— but like anything in this technology-dominated world, there is an app for that: it’s called LinkedIn Student.

The new app launched in April by the professional networking social media site, LinkedIn, to help students who are about to enter the world as new professionals while also helping them start to build their network connections. Available for iOS and Android, the new app offers students career advice based on their college, degree and graduation year.

LinkedIn Student uses your degree and the career paths of your school’s recent alumni to create customized daily job recommendations. It also shows you articles relating to your major, companies that you could be interested in applying to and even shows you specific businesses hiring in your field. The app also sends you a daily list of alumni who graduated from your university with the same degree to give you the opportunity to connect with them.

In addition to the app, LinkedIn also created something that is similar to our school’s Panther JobLink, a job portal for students and recent graduates to provide quick and easy access to entry-level jobs and internships. While the portal also offers students job recommendations specifically tailored to you, it also gives you access to company pages.

According to LinkedIn’s official blog, this gives you an inside look into potential companies you might be interested in, providing you with information on their products or services, what other professionals have said about them and who you might know working there.

While Linkedin’s student app focuses more on businesses that have hired alumni with your same degree in the past, their portal gives you the opportunity to find jobs or internships from employers around the world.

Balancing school with a full/part-time job or internship is stressful but it also challenges you, equips you with team-building skills, allows you to meet countless different people and teaches you to come up with effective solutions for real-world problems, not just those strange one-dimensional questions in a textbook.

By using the technological resources provided not only by our University but also through apps and websites like LinkedIn’s student app and portal, students can get a clearer idea of the jobs available to them while they try to reach that ultimate goal of having a job lined up when they graduate.




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