Health Made Easy: How to Start a Routine

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Kaeyla Sayago//Contributing Columnist

Getting into a healthy routine after having a summer full of adventures and eating out can be very difficult. Most people have trouble starting a healthy routine, let alone keeping it up. It takes determination and self-control. Being college students, it is important that we create a healthy routine to keep balance in our busy lives. There are three very simple, important things we can do to create a healthy routine in college.

The first is to set aside time each week to de-stress and clear your mind from all your responsibilities. It is scientifically proven that people who take time for themselves are actually more successful in the long run. It is like hitting a refresh button once a week. It’s meant to give you that extra burst of energy to be able to attack the week with a more positive attitude. There are many different things you can do to achieve this, such as: going for a long walk, getting a massage, going out to a local coffee shop, trying out a new Panther Fit class at the rec center, or going out to lunch off campus with some friends. Anything that gets your mind off of anything you may be stressing about will definitely help you to have a more successful semester.

The second thing is to create an exercise plan. Whether you enjoy lifting weights or running, it is extremely important to stay active. There are many wonderful opportunities to be active at FIU.The gym and Panther Fit classes are free to all FIU students. There are running paths, intramural sports, and even different trips you can attend for skiing, snorkeling, or white water rafting. The most important thing is to create a plan and set a schedule so that you know when and for how long each week you will be getting in some exercise. It is proven that people who exercise regularly are happier, more positive people because of the endorphins that are released during physical activity.

The third, most important aspect of a healthy routine, is what you eat. The typical diet of a college student consists of pizza, macaroni and cheese, and crack cookies. While most college students are on a very tight budget, there are many ways to incorporate healthier options without breaking the bank. Simply by consciously adding in fruits and vegetables into your diet can make you feel better and slowly transition you into a healthier diet. Allowing yourself to have a sweet treat once or twice a week instead of everyday can also make a difference. Little things like this begin to train your body to realize that it will only get treats once in a while, so that when you do have them, you will enjoy them so much more because they are a delicacy to you now.

By incorporating these 3 things into your busy schedules, you will see a big difference in how you feel and your success in the upcoming semester.

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