The Benefits of Going Greek

Stephanie Castro//Contributing Writer

When it comes to pledging for a sorority or fraternity, there is often negative stigmas and prejudice that comes with it.

Fraternities began as a way for students to come together outside of the classroom to have friendly debates about topics they were learning in class, while allowing them to express their thoughts freely. After a while, they began to talk about topics outside of the ones discussed in class and formed tight-knit friendships.

Eventually, women wanted to join in on the action and thus, sororities were born.

Before joining a sorority or fraternity, one must go through the process of recruitment which is simply a way to best determine which organization suits everyone’s preferences.  

Sylvia-Nicole Cecchi of Phi Mu said recruitment wasn’t anything like she had pictured prior to joining.

“I went in blind, which is the best thing for someone. It gives them a real genuine experience. I didn’t expect to become so attached to different organizations and I didn’t expect to find a group I liked,” said Cecchi.

Nelson Barahona of Beta Theta Pi said he decided to join a fraternity after graduating from high school and looking for a place to fit in. Joining was more than the parties and wildness he, and many others, expected.

“Knowing that in both the best times in life as well as the worst times in life I have these 77 guys that I can turn to and call my brothers is truly an inspiring thing,” said Barahona.

Edwin Jiron, a member of Pi Kappa Phi, said most people aren’t aware of the philanthropic work Greek organizations are involved in, which he finds to be one of the main benefits of joining.

Jiron’s fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, works directly with The Ability Experience which raises awareness and money for people with disabilities.

“It helps you grow as a person, it lets you get involved both on and off campus, and it opens you up to much more people with a lot more resources than you would have by yourself,” said Jiron.

Joining a Greek organization also has long-term benefits, according to Cecchi.

“A long term benefit is being able to transform into a woman you’re proud of. Becoming a leader not only in your sorority, but also in your community,” said Cecchi.

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