MMA helps fighters release aggression

Kristen King // Staff Writer

Aggression is a trait that comes being human. Everyone experiences it and everyone handles it differently.

There are those who tend to bottle up their aggressive feelings until the point of no return. Then, those who release their aggression through activities that allow them to purge healthily.

Most of the time, these activities come from the world of combat sports but specifically mixed martial arts.

Being able to punch or kick someone or something in a regulated environment allows for people with hostile tendencies to channel their energy into an action that won’t put themselves or others in jeopardy.

“I recently started doing MMA training because I was feeling stressed from all the juggling I have to do with school and work,” said FIU student Angel Martín. “Every week, I get more and more frustrated but as soon as I get into to my training, I calm down tremendously.”

Of course, there is always one misconception that never seems to escape the realm of this sport: MMA does nothing more than promote violence.

This could not be a more incorrect statement.

Recently, one of MMA’s biggest stars, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey spoke out against this misconception and urged people to rid themselves of this societal ignorance.

According to Rousey, “MMA provides the safest outlet for aggression which in turn could be beneficial to the overall health of society.”

Comparing the sport to a puzzle that needs to be solved, Rousey also made the claim that “this isn’t just fighting for the sake of fighting.”

With a mindset like this, it’s easier to understand that mixed martial arts should be used more like a tool rather than an excuse to pummel someone’s face in. While most people find this to be a physically-dependent sport, it should really be seen as mentally dependent.

FIU knows plenty about the importance of mental health, which is why they offer so many programs for students and the community alike to work toward its advocacy.

From counseling to classes at the wellness and recreation centers, there is always a way for someone to focus on their mental health.

So, if you’re ever feeling mentally exhausted or just want a healthy way to express yourself, utilize the resources the “Healthy Panther Resources”. It’s important for you to understand that you don’t have to undergo mental anguish by yourself, so please don’t.

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