All Ages Show — 5 to 6pm, September 27, 2016

Hosted by Nazareth


Wildflowers by Gouge Away

N-A-G – Not A Girl by Slouch

Pretend We’re Dead by L7

They / Them / Theirs by Worriers

Power Hypocrisy by Closet Burner

Get Off Me Sweaty Boy by Period Bomb

Sex Without Stress by Au Pairs

Don’t Censor Me by Slant 6

Poder Elegir by Downtown Boys

Boyfriend by Screaming Females

You Don’t Tell Me by Super Unison


Colder by I.C.E.

We Live by G.L.O.S.S.

Power by RINGER

Delicate, Petite, & Other Things I’ll Never Be by Against Me!

The Galaxy is Gay by The Butchies

Average Men by Pansy Division

Dent by CLAW

What’s Gone Wrong by Limp Wrist

Spider Legs by Snakehole

Dimethyltryptamine by Skinny Girl Diet

Songs About Boats by Chumped

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