There is a club for you at FIU, use RoarSync to find it

Christian Gonzalez/Contributing Writer

I experienced an exceptionally dreadful sophomore year in high school. Even now, three and a half years later, the memories of those days are still with me —gaining weight, watching grades drop precipitously, seeing friends drift away.

I share this not to bore you with the details of my often unexciting personal life; people with the surname “Kardashian” already fulfill that role far better than I ever could.

A major factor in that year’s unpleasantness was my complete inability to escape the monotony of going to school without engaging in a single extracurricular activity.

Living without the feeling that you’re a part of something larger and more important than yourself can be saddening and even devastating, but participating in such an activity can be incredibly rewarding. For this reason, I strongly encourage every student at FIU to get involved in some club, activity, or sport.

Given the enormity of FIU’s student population, there likely exists a club to match any interest. For the politically inclined, organizations such as Model United Nations and the International Affairs Society are fantastic options.

For those interested in the sciences, a plethora of clubs focusing on such topics as STEM and medicine are available. Students who want to connect with members of their ethnic groups have the possibility of joining groups like Black Student Union or the Venezuelan Student Alliance.

The RoarSync website is a great tool to match clubs to personal curiosities.

Including yourself in an extracurricular shouldn’t merely be about adding another line to your resume, although that possibility makes involvement all the more attractive. Being engaged in campus life also gives students the chance to learn, to experience, to experiment.

You never know what awaits behind the doors of that club meeting —your future best friend, the potential love of your life, the professor who will help you get your dream job. To attend school with the sole purpose of going in and out of classes is to deprive oneself of the unimaginable opportunities given to us here at FIU.



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