All Ages Show — 5 to 6pm, October 4, 2016

Hosted by Nazareth


Unknowingly Strong by Make Do and Mend
Art Damage by Beach Slang
Drop Dead Don’t Blink by Shudder to Think
In Pieces by Bane
Suggestion by Fugazi
Six Ways ‘Til Sunday by Rise Against
Skate & Destroy by The Faction
My Heroes by Knocked Loose
Ghosts by The Marked Men
Motionless by Osker

Turnstyles by The Lawrence Arms
Goodbye, Oh Goodbye by AJJ
Flood of ’72 by Title Fight
Sad Spells by Strawberry Sounds
Johnny’s Got a Problem by D.I.
Mirror by Moss Icon
TV Party by Black Flag
Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba by The Mr. T Experience
For Want Of by Rites of Spring
Blind by Face to Face

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