FIU fortunate to have DRC help students get an education

Linda Rios/Contributing Writer

There are certain students who struggle in some classes because they live with a disability that impairs their learning, however that doesn’t mean they should stop their education because of it. By making the choice to volunteer to and help those students, you’re giving them a chance to earn a degree.  

The Disability Resource Center at FIU allows students who suffer from various disorders to continue their studies by providing them with the help and support they need to finish their studies and succeed in their careers. There are volunteer programs available that pair up students to help take notes for them in class, making it easier to study afterwards.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see this happen some of my classes. I remember a legally blind student in my class who needed some assistance taking notes; when the professor asked the class, several people raised their hands and volunteered to write notes and send them to the student.

Not everyone is willing to help those in need unless they find themselves in that same situation, but we must consider the importance of acting selflessly; we’re all here to learn and help each other, not let everyone else suffer through their obstacles alone.

The DRC provides volunteers with information on the student who needs help, the type of assistance they would like —taking notes, reading or writing— and allows students to sign up for the service.

Events such as workshops enhancing learning skills  as well as learning certain learning skills to improve our learning abilities  are sponsored by DRC to involve the students participating in this program in the rest of the student life. It also serves as an opportunity for other students to approach and ask about volunteering opportunities.

There are services provided through websites, namely One Class, in which students can submit their notes to the internet to help out those who need them most, especially those who have special needs.

We are very fortunate to have a university that supports everyone’s needs, allowing for a better education. Not every university or college has a program able to aid over 2000 students like our University, which is why we must do what we can, whether that’s volunteering, or at least providing class notes. This helps to keep the program going and expand it to assist more students and offer more services.



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