Career Services can help students find internships

Cindy Cuadra/Assistant Opinion Director

Experience is a necessary quality in any candidate looking for a new job whether it’s a surgeon looking for a job at a hospital or a server looking for a job at a restaurant. However, recently, experience has become harder to attain because experience now requires experience. In other words, to get experience, such as an internship, you need experience, such as experience from a previous internship.

Many companies have become more selective when it comes to who they hire for internships or even entry-level jobs. For college students, finding experience can be tough when you are a full-time student with a part-time job.

After extensive searching for an internship myself, I came to the realization that many of these companies looking for college-student interns are looking for students who have had experience being an intern. Still, if that’s the case, then what’s the point of an internship?

The idea of an internship is to allow people to work or shadow a professional environment purely for experience purposes and most of the time, without getting paid. Some people are fortunate enough to be offered a job by the time their internship ends. Even entry-level jobs require some type of experience before companies can consider hiring you.

So how can students attain experience without having any?

According to an article published by Forbes in 2013, Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and author says that working before graduating is an impressive attribute to employers because it demonstrates a head start in a person’s career goals.

“It’s a good idea to get some part-time, temporary or volunteer work experience during your college years. In general, try to choose positions that relate in some way to your college major, even if you have to volunteer due to the weak job market. Your education will have more meaning and both pursuits will benefit each other,” Taylor said.

Some solutions to getting experience,such as volunteering for an organization or company can be a step in the right direction to get “your foot in the door.” Not only does it look good on a resume, but it shows the initiative that a person is willing to put even when there is no monetary incentive.

FIU is also fortunate enough to have a Career Services office that provides step-by-step instructions for students who are struggling to attain an internship, a part-time job or students who just want to have a clear career goals plan ahead of them.

Many companies also look to hire young, college students to hire for the holidays. While many holiday positions are temporary jobs, it’s something more to write on your resume.

There are ways around the belief that “to get experience, you need experience,” it just takes hard work, determination and patience in order to find it.



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