SOC Hosts Social Media Roundtable


Sudden Navarrete/Asst. News Director


In a Social Media Roundtable event hosted by the Student Organization Council, public relations assistant for the marketing office in Campus Life, Vinson Pressley, went over the do’s and dont’s of social media posting.

The event, which took place on Tuesday, Oct. 11 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. at The Biscayne Bay Campus, kicked off with a video, The Social Media Revolution 2016, explaining how social media has impacted the lives of millennials, newcomers and how it has become an inevitable source of communication.

The roundtable went on with tips on how organization leaders can manage their social media accounts, and the various ways they can attract viewers and followers.

Pressley said, “you have a better chance at increasing your engagement with one really good post, a great picture and cool caption.”

When it comes to captions, Pressley said to reduce the wording and cut it to at least one sentence because followers want visual and less reading, especially with social media accounts  such as Instagram, but grammar and spelling must be taken into consideration.

“Twitter is more like a conversation,” said Pressley. He said Twitter is a great tool to use in real time, especially to update students on event activities.

Pressley went on to say that posting flyers through social media can’t be helpful because viewers get bored. He said flyers should be only shared once; instead, Pressley recommends upload different pictures of activities announcing a club’s upcoming event.

“Capture student moments, and capture the essence of the event,” said Pressley.

He also said it’s important to avoid flooding, which is constant uploads on social media carrying the same content because it increases unfollowers.

Facebook is a good source to upload albums and share a big amount of pictures, up to 20 would be the best amount, Pressley said.

A student present during the roundtable, Noemi Beaubrun, recreational therapy freshman and member of Diverse Dancers said, “It was very informative and the video they played caught my attention because I didn’t know so much.”

Beaubrun went on to say, “I didn’t know how companies utilize social media to spread out their opinions and things of that nature.”

She also said she didn’t know about the flooding of pictures and how it could hurt an organization, company or individual’s profile.

Pressley mentioned the importance of maintaining social media etiquette, such as avoiding profanity and arguments, responding to followers in a timely manner, engaging and being transparent, polite and professional.


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