Football team needs Panther pride at homecoming game

Jasmine Casimir // Asst. Sports Director

It’s homecoming week, and with many festivities taking place for students every day, the football team needs that same Panther pride from students and alumni present at the homecoming game on Saturday, Oct. 22 at 7 p.m.

The football games lack the attendance support for different reasons.

Senior Montrell Robinson majoring in sports and fitness studies said he tries to attend the football games, but his schedule is usually packed.

Schedule conflict can be an issue for students especially if they’re a full-time student with a job.

The success of the team also plays a big role on why the attendance at the games are so low, and winning more games gives students something to look to forward to.

So if the team is not doing so great in the season, why do so many students decide to attend the homecoming game?

“The homecoming game has more importance than the regular season games,” said Robinson. “It’s the icing on the cake to a very spirit-filled week.”

Students are recognizing the significance of homecoming week and how important it is to show their Panther Pride, especially at the homecoming game.

“Homecoming game is a staple game,” said Carl Alteme, a senior majoring in Psychology. “It occurs during homecoming, which is a big theme.”

But once homecoming week is over, FIU Athletics has to continue innovating strategies to get the student body to attend the games with the same support from the homecoming game.  

Robinson said that the tablet giveaway was a great idea for this year and that more and better giveaways will definitely improve the attendance.

“FIU can try to have better entertainment during halftime,” said Naika Mathieu, a senior majoring in chemistry. “Maybe a quick dance competition where students can be more involved.”

No matter what the Panthers’ record may be, it’s important for the student body to be present at all of their home games. But if having giveaways and entertainment are what it takes to get students to support, FIU Athletics needs to do whatever it takes to keep the Panther pride alive throughout the entire season and not just for one game.

In spirit of homecoming week, Student Media decided to play a homecoming trivia with a few football players to find out how much they knew about the history of their athletic program. You can watch the trivia here:

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