MyFIU two-step verification policy a hassle

The two-step policy needed to access MyFIU is inconvenient and unnecessary.

The policy was implemented over the summer and  requires students to answer an automated call once they have entered their student username and password. By receiving a phone call, entering a passcode or approving the push notification through the DuoMobile phone application, access is granted into accounts.

“The 2 factor authentication deployment is FIU’s proactive measure to keep our IT resources and users secure while accessing university information. Many students, faculty and staff are utilizing this method to authenticate and it’s been received very well,” Robert Grillo, vice president of IT and chief information officer, said to Student Media.

While it’s understandable as to why there is additional security to protect sensitive information, this policy poses as a problem for students living in a digital divide. Some students cannot afford cell phones, or frequently have their service cut off due to their inability to pay. This is especially true for students attending FIU who live below the poverty line, but are responsible for paying for their tuition, housing, and class expenses.

Having this policy often restricts these students from accessing important information such as class schedules, academic standing and financial aid.

The inconvenience also extends to students who spend the majority of time at the Biscayne Bay Campus. Wifi signal at the Wolfe University Center is shaky at best, making it almost impossible for students to make or take calls. Members of our editorial board have struggled with this as we have an office located in WUC.

In order for a member of eboard to check their MyFIU account, said student would have to stop what they’re doing and walk towards the BBC library before they have enough signal to answer the automated call that grants them access.

We at Student Media believe that cybersecurity is important, however it shouldn’t come at the expense of students living in a digital divide.


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