Women have fought hard for the right to vote

Cindy Cuadra/Assistant Opinion Director

The 2016 election has been one of the most talked about and controversial elections in U.S. history. While presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have made it clear during the debates that they stand on two polar opposites sides on all issues, supporters have taken their dismay to another level.

After coming across a BuzzFeed News article on Facebook with the headline “Trump Fans Are Now Saying They Want To Stop Women From Voting With #RepealThe19th,” I thought it was a joke. To my shock, Trump supporters are determined to make Trump win by repealing the 19th amendment, the amendment that gives women —citizens of the United States— the right to vote.

According to an article published by the NY Daily News on Oct. 12, a group of Trump supporters began using the hashtag, #RepealThe19th, on Twitter after Trump’s son, Eric Trump, sent out an email of a map reflecting the hypothetical outcome of the elections based on which gender is voting. The results showed Clinton winning the election if only females voted, and the other map shows Trump winning if only males voted.

Though the maps were sent out with the intention to “inspire” Trump supporters, some supporters took it upon themselves to start hashtagging #Repealthe19th to “encourage” people to start a movement to take away women’s right to vote.

While people are at liberty to say what they want on any platform without any repercussions, thanks to our first amendment right, it doesn’t mean it’s right to do so.

Women in the United States have an extensive history under their belt when it comes to fighting for their rights. Even in today’s society, gender equality is still an issue that has progressed but still has a long road ahead. We have fought hard for centuries to be taken seriously, to be able to have careers and to be addressed as equals, not inferiors.

To even consider repealing such an important amendment to U.S. history is absurd. Especially considering Trump supporters are not only made up of men, but women as well. Supporters should focus on progressing the country we live in, rather than going backwards by trying to take away basic human rights.

Voting is one of the most important duties we have as American citizens. It’s the voice we have in this country to choose the leaders we feel will best run it. It’s not an option, nor is it fair to take away that voice from women who fought hard back in June 1919, when Congress passed the bill.

Female Trump and Clinton supporters shouldn’t take this right for granted, rather we should keep fighting to continue to progress women’s rights in other important areas, namely workplace salary or healthcare.

After all, this election has seen the first woman run for president in the primary presidential race. Whether Clinton or Trump wins, the female vote is crucial to producing a fair outcome.



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