Quiero Rock – 2p.m. to 3 p.m., October 23, 2016

Hosted Dj Manny

Mango by La La

Selva Negra by La La

Animales by La La

Salchipapa by La La

Blanca Mujer by Draco Rosa

Penelope by Draco Rosa

Esto Es Vida by Draco Rosa

Te Fumare by Draco Rosa

La Leyenda De Tito Nebula Pt. 2 by Los Bronson

Jurakan by Los Bronson

Chongo Blues by Los Bronson

Funk & Bass by Los Bronson

Subete a Mi Moto by Menudo

Quiero Ser by Menudo

Claridad by Menudo

Quiero Rock by Menudo

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