Students support athletes when they ‘show that they care’

Jasmine Casimir // Asst. Sports Director

The athletic program has made it their mission to use their role in a positive light to give back to communities year-round.

Many student-athletes do not have the chance to have jobs or internships during their college careers, so giving back to the community is vital for the program as it can help gain volunteer experience.

“I’ve gone to see the kids at the hospital for community service,” said freshman cornerback Isaiah Brown. “It just feels good to see that I can put a smile on their face.”

Sophomore defensive back Emanuel Lubin likes to give back on campus, as he has made it his duty to clean up any trash he may see when walking around campus.

“Whenever I see trash, I try to pick it up,” Lubin said. “I also try to tell people to pick their trash up whenever they try to liter.”

Attendance at most games has been an issue for the athletic program as students may not attend these sporting events for many reasons.

The men and women soccer team took it upon themselves to be interactive with the students who live on campus to ensure that they have a great support for their home games.

“One day, a few players from the men and women soccer team were knocking on residents’ doors in Panther Hall,” said Elizabeth Pooran, a freshman majoring in hospitality management. “They gave us a flyer with a treat and told us about their game coming up.”

Pooran says that she never started attending the soccer games until the student-athletes approached them, and has been supporting the team ever since.

“It totally makes a difference when the athletes interact with the student body because it shows that they care,” said Pooran. “It also gives me a chance to get to know them.”

Shayla White, a freshman majoring in hospitality management said that she too received a very pleasant visit to her dorm room by a few players on the men’s soccer team.

“They just want to show students that they do care about us while trying to promote and advertise their games, which makes me now want to support them,” said White.

Thankfully the student-athletes have donated time to care for their campus as well as the student body, but does the university show the same compassion for the students and their academics as they have for the student-athletes and their athletic program?

“I do think FIU focuses on their athletic program more than the students,” said Pooran. “They always try to promote the games and give a lot of incentives to go.”

White says that although the university dedicates a lot of time to advertising the games and doing giveaways, they still gives the student body as well as the athletic program because they want “all students to be involved on campus.”

“At the end of the day, FIU brings everybody together with the athletic program interacting with us and the students giving their support at all of the games.”

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