Local runners gather at World of Beer

Victor San German // Contributing Writer

On Tuesdays, runners in Downtown Dadeland gather around at the running shoe store Fit 2 Run in Dadeland Mall for the weekly Fun Run starting at 6:30 p.m.

The store hosts these Fun Runs as an opportunity for people to not only break a good sweat within 3-5 mile runs, but to also associate with one another. However, this week’s Fun Run was hosted at the World of Beer located on Dadeland Boulevard and SW Ninth Street for the company’s Tap and Run event.

Different from the usual Fun Runs, the Tap and Run offers a unique gathering experience for the runners. Not only do they run the average 3-5-mile track but also get to enjoy great drink deals for those that participated. Jimmy Wheeler, store manager of Fit 2 Run, came up with the idea of hosting the event at least once a month at the local bar.

“The others in the office thought it was a fun idea and we wanted to make it happen,” he said.

Wheeler said he has enjoyed running since his early days in high school, and his enthusiasm has led him to make a career out of it.

“I didn’t immediately start running,” he said. “At first I played basketball for my high school and every time we had 2 mile runs I would always beat everyone by 10 minutes or so. The cross-country team noticed my speed and they wanted me to try out, so I did and I ended up enjoying it and loved it ever since.”  

Others were also in attendance at World of Beer to enjoy their run as well as a nice cold drink.

Mallory Probst, an avid runner since she joined a friend one day, said she accompanied her friend at a 5k race a year ago even though she wasn’t much of a runner at the time. She has since participated in many marathons and races.

Though she has been competing for more than a year now, the ending result of finishing the race gives her an adrenaline rush.

“Crossing that finish line is the best thing, you work towards a goal and the results that you see is just great,” said Probst. “Also the comradery and the relationships you build along with it makes it even more better.”    

Photo retrieved via Flickr.

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