President-elect Trump just doesn’t make sense

Akilah Davis/Contributing Writer

I, Akilah Davis, believe only in speaking on the things I know, learning about the things that I don’t and vocalizing my truth afterwards. This past Tuesday, I was shocked to find president-elect Donald Trump triumphant over Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — but not because I was a strong advocate for Clinton. It was because despite not genuinely caring for either candidate, I believe Clinton made more sense under the title of president of the United States.

I am no politician. I should and could be more informed with this country’s politics, as well as other things, but based on what I do understand, it just doesn’t make sense. A government official who has committed over 35 long years to public service- a former First Lady of the United States- lost a presidential election to a real estate developer. It just doesn’t make sense.

According to The New York Times, “the election of Donald J. Trump as president has shocked the world, and has the potential to reshape it.”

What helped me to realize the seriousness of what happened was how quickly things began to move shortly afterwards. For example, Disney World CEO Robert Iger confirmed that preparations are being made to include Trump in their “Hall of Presidents” attraction at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

In a recent CNN interview, political activist Van Jones addressed the direct influence this election would have on our children, whom he says we teach “not to be bullies” or bigots but then, we elect this man to represent us to the rest of the world.

Then Disney, so heavily marketing toward children and families, goes on to add this man to their attraction. There is no way you could ever tell me money isn’t the only thing of importance to this country.

This man who said “When Mexico sends its people, they are sending rapists, and drugs, and problems”; the man who constantly brags of his wealth, “I don’t need donors, I’m very rich,” he said on his campaign’s finances; the man who tweeted that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate was a fraud in August 2012 — This is the man children will see and recognize at Disney World.

Money is the true source of power and evil and it allows individuals like Trump the means to rule and dictate however they so please. But what is most dissatisfying than this election, is the lack of opposition beyond the local civilians of the U.S. regarding who and what we have just submitted our country to.

I is for I, Akilah Davis. As in, I don’t understand. I am just thankful my faith does not lie in a man or a country but in a divine spirituality. I am very well aware of who is in charge and I can assure you it’s in no way Trump.



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