Neon.wav — 8-9pm, November 18, 2016

Hosted by Nico99

I Miss You by Macross 82-99
I Wanna Be with U by Yung Bae
Space Cowboys by コンシャスTHOUGHTS x ID Cℎίℯƒ x Aloe Island Posse
Can’t Tell by Yuni Wa
Our Love by Aloe Island Posse
Poinsettia Blues by Amherst
SuperNeonLight by SynthPunk
Pleasure Palette by Flamingosis
Smile by ID Cℎίℯƒ x Aloe Island Posse
Miss Macross by Macross 82-99
Waterbed by Tendencies
Collision Course by Amherst
50//50 (Sunday comfort mix) by Vantange
Moves So Sweet by ID Cℎίℯƒ
Horsey (Relayer Remix) by Macross 82-99
Let’s Boogie! (Get up!) by Roman
Highlights by ConsciousThoughts
From Me To You by FIBRE
Snow Jam by Vantage

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