Intramural soccer matchup leaves team undefeated

Brett Shweky // Contributing Writer

An intramural matchup between two teams looking to claim the top position in the division resulted in Soccer Club FC’s secured 4-2 win against fraternity PI KAPPA PHI.

The victory marked the second win of the season for Soccer Club FC on Nov. 15, making the team 2-0 to start the season. During these two games, the team scored four goals; Soccer Club FC was able to shut out the FC Parrot’s Shell 4-0 for the first game.

From the start of the match, Soccer Club FC dominated and controlled the ball for much of the first half. With the PI KAPPA PHI defenders struggling to keep Soccer Club FC players out of its territory, the team fell early to a 1-0 deficit.

PI KAPPA PHI began to turn it around and demanded more time of possession toward the end of the first half. Time was the biggest enemy for PI KAPPA PHI as halftime ceased the team’s attack and stalled momentum.

Soccer Club FC got back on track and opened the second half with a second goal making the game 2-0. With the game starting to get out of reach for PI KAPPA PHI, the team retaliated and moved the ball down the field quickly, scoring a goal to stay in the game 2-1.

With the game heating up, Matthew Treumun stepped up for Soccer Club FC and began shredding the PI KAPPA PHI defense and scored a long-range goal and making the score 3-1. Giving Soccer Club FC momentum, the team followed up with another goal making the game out of reach for PI KAPPA PHI.

Aldofo Zambrana, captain of Soccer Club FC, said the main strategy was “to have possession of the ball for most of the game and to shove the ball down the throat of the defense.”

Soccer Club FC will look to continue its winning streak on Nov. 22 against Sucious FC (1-1) at 8 p.m. PI KAPPA PHI will look to bounce back in its next game against FC Parrot’s Shell (0-2) on Nov. 22 at 7 p.m.

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