Fitness trainer recommends diet change and classes to stay fit

Heather O’Dell // Contributing Writer

Christmas season is just around the corner, and with that comes delicious meals, eggnog and cookies. With all those yummy temptations, it’s easy to stray from your fitness goals throughout the holidays.

“The important thing to do is find a diet you can follow and stick to it,” said James Gulliver, personal trainer at FIU. “There are many [diets] to look into including the Atkins diet, zone diet and Mediterranean diet, just to name a few.”

A lot of diets normally advocate a low carbohydrate intake, but in fact, this method won’t work for everyone. Carbohydrates are a good source for energy.

“I would not recommend this for athletes,” Gulliver said. “During periods of lower activity, I would reduce carb intake to improve insulin sensitivity though.”

One trick Gulliver recommends and lives by is going to the gym with a friend. Going to group session workouts tends to keep people more consistent with their goals.

FIU offers many ways for students to keep fit including the Fit2Run team, who meets every Monday for a group run, and the PantherFit group fitness classes offered by the Wellness and Recreation Center. Generally, classes are one hour in length and focus on the latest trends in fitness.

“The trainers at FIU are always happy to help out and offer free fitness assessments which include an exercise prescription,” said Gulliver.

To request a free fitness assessment, students can register for one at They will be contacted via email within three business days. All fitness assessments will take place at the FIU-MMC Wellness and Recreation Center.

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