Higher education can benefit students in the workforce

Linda Rios/Contributing Writer


When thinking about obtaining a higher education, people usually direct their attention to doctors, lawyers, politicians and other high paying jobs, but what if their beliefs are wrong?

Obtaining a higher education, in the past, used to be looked at as overachieving and exclusive for those individuals who had the means of paying for their education. On the other hand, in this day and age, obtaining a higher education is seen as a necessity rather than a privilege to have a stable life.

The Higher Education website states that “the majority of employers (61 percent) say they are looking for more educated candidates at the mid-level skill level, but 46 percent are looking to hire better educated candidates at entry level and 43 percent think the same for higher levels.”

Almost all of the requirements that have to be fulfilled to get a good paying job include at least a master’s degree or a higher level of education.

In previous decades, people could have a well-paying job with a high school diploma, but as the years have passed, the requirements have increased to benefit the companies hiring their workers.

During an experiment several companies implemented on their employee acquisition, CBS News reported that “56 percent [of companies] said they saw higher quality work from college grads. 41 percent reported better communication. 19 percent said they actually saw more revenue coming in as a result of hiring college educated workers.”

There are still many careers that don’t necessarily need a higher level of education besides a bachelor’s degree, such as being a school teacher. However, this provides limitations to their own potential and the people around them.

I understand that thinking about obtaining a higher education may not be pleasant and might be stressful, but if reaching your highest potential is something you have in mind, it shouldn’t be avoided, but rather embraced.



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