Not every job requires you to have a college degree

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The importance of obtaining a college degree has always been highly debated. The idea of having a college degree is synonymous with having a well paying job and being successful. There are many arguments to support and contradict that going to college and graduating with a degree is essential in life but there are also multiple professional and personal pros and cons to look at.

Attending college can give you the knowledge that is needed for many jobs. In college, students learn and prepare for their future careers. Students who attend colleges are also given access to resources that can help them get numerous job opportunities while they’re in college or upon graduation.

Networking possibilities are plentiful in college as well because of all the events that you can go to. There is higher earning potential for college-goers. Financial stability and satisfaction is a big point of interest for people who are deciding whether or not to go to college.

Culture and society influence young ones to attend college because they get them to think that it’s the thing to do but four years of college immediately after high school may not be the best option for every degree seeking student. A lot of students do not consider community or technical colleges because of the importance that is placed on attending a four year university. College involves a lot of responsibilities and expectations, which not everyone is able to handle.

Not all college education is tailored to someone’s personal interests and abilities. Most adolescents begin college at the age of 18, but many also enter at the age of 16 and 17. Getting thrown into college brings on big life changes that can negatively affect some students. Someone’s maturity level plays a big factor in their college success.

Skyrocketing tuition is another big argument for why you shouldn’t attend college because of the figurative dark cloud associated with it. There is no 100 percent guarantee that you will get a job in the field of your choice. Many college graduates are sometimes employed in jobs that are not related to their degrees.

Truthfully, college degrees are most likely to pay off in the STEM field. This includes any jobs that are related to science, technology, engineering or mathematics. But, while getting a college degree is not necessary for all jobs, it can still help you get your foot in the door in many different job fields.

The majority of people feel like they need to attend college in order to get a good job but you need to remember that while it’s helpful, it’s not fully required. There are many people that do not have college degrees and are still successful. In the end, it’s an individual’s choice whether or not to attend college.



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