Higher education is a lucky choice to have

Cindy Cuadra/Assistant Opinion Director

Higher education is a privilege. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 69.2 percent of high school graduates were enrolled in a college or university in 2015. However, not all high school students want to attend college or are even able to afford it.

While more than half of high school graduates decide to gain a higher education, attending college is a choice.

The idea that college isn’t worth every degree or that it’s a “waste of time” for some careers takes away everything else that encompasses attending college aside from the education.

College is not just four years of education. It’s much more than just attending lectures and chugging down coffee to study for midterms.

College is a unique opportunity to experience the different perspectives and views from not only your professors, but also your peers. Attending college may also be the last time you are surrounded by a majority of your peers.

In my four years at FIU, I found myself intrigued by how I came out of every semester with more questions than answers. Many of my professors taught me to always re-evaluate old opinions in order to formulate new ones and to question the things that we are taught because that’s how we grow as people.

They also showed me that the beauty of higher education is understanding that this is an opportunity we should be thankful to have no matter what we are studying.

College also allows young adults to interact with peers with whom you may have never interacted with before.

Aside from professors, I’ve also personally learned from the many peers and classmates I’ve met during my time here.

It’s saddening to hear that college is a “waste of time” because there is so much more to learn from college than just in a classroom.

Yes, it’s worth it to get a degree as a music, dance, art, or creative writing major because a college degree is something that will forever be yours. Nobody can ever take away your experience or knowledge as a college student.

It’s a choice, but it’s a choice we are lucky enough to have.



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