Need more energy? Change your diet

Heather O’Dell // Staff Writer

Managing the responsibilities of work and school can cause lack of sleep, stress and procrastination. However, even when you have your plate full with assignments and deadlines to meet, you should never slack when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet.

As we have learned through the countless hours of biology class, carbohydrates are an important source for energy. Most students don’t know that carbohydrates are broken up into two types: simple and complex. According to ‘Everyday Health’, foods such as high-fiber cereals, whole-grain bread, pasta and vegetables promote energy for longer periods of time.

“I know coffee can be really bad for you, but whenever I needed a good pick-me-up or burst of energy during finals week I would religious drink coffee,” said FIU student Amanda Lorenzo. “Now that I know certain foods can provide me with energy, I can finally let up on caffeine.”

Simple carbohydrates such as cake and beverages loaded with sugar should be avoided. These foods are associated with “energy crashes”.

Protein is also an important component for energy. Chicken, fish and beans are foods that are high in protein. These foods not only produce energy for your body, but also promote muscle growth as well.

“I always eat grilled chicken and vegetables before a big game or practice; it’s a lean meal that’s good for you and your body,” said FIU baseball player Eddie Silva.

By eating three healthy meals a day and drinking plenty of water, students and athletes should always be filled with energy and ready to tackle the day. Think of your body as a machine; you need to fuel it properly in order to have it work to the best of its ability.

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