“Boy please,” women can do everything men can

Akilah Davis/Contributing Writer

Women in America are antagonized, sexualized and minimized. I find it highly insulting that America— and not just America— deems us incapable of leading, initiating and innovating. To those Americans who do support women’s rights, thank you,  but why does society see women this way?

I became extremely curious after the 2016 presidential election when Donald Trump became probably the most notorious president-elect this country has ever seen. I honestly never considered the idea that Hillary Clinton being a woman would be a hinderance to her candidacy,  however, I was forced to reconsider.

When my mother said Clinton lost because she was a woman, I shriveled. I didn’t believe or want to believe that America hated women so much but then my stepfather gave me a different viewpoint. The Bible, he said, taught us that men were first.

But just because things started a certain way doesn’t mean this is the way it will end. How many books have you read where the story ended exactly how it started? None, should be your answer. Many people, like my stepfather, also think that women are much too emotional to be given such vast tasks and roles in society.

But, if men are so strong, so capable, so”first,” then why do the women carry the babies? Why does a man even need a woman to make life? Why do men need women to do pretty much everything except for providing money for the household. I don’t know, it seems pretty easy to me to just have to go to work everyday. It seems entirely much harder to cook and clean, cater, and maintain everyone else every single day. Not to mention that there are some women that do both.

B is for boy, please. As in, us girls can do everything that you men can and cannot do. There’s nothing written in our gender that makes us more emotional. We’re conditioned that way because society is always telling us to be soft and sexy and sensual, while society is telling you sissies to be hard and cold and insensitive. Women are incapable and/or lesser beings because we weren’t created first or are too compassionate? Give me a break.



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