Ropes course offers opportunity to strengthen leadership skills

Daring dashers will climb the quarter pipe using the ropes and dismount on the ladder.

Heather O’Dell // Staff Writer

There is more to being healthy than regularly exercising and nourishing your body with the right foods; mental wellness is important, too.

Mentally challenging yourself can help you realize your full potential and gain a sense of accomplishment, and FIU’s Team Ropes Adventure Challenge course offers just that.

“TRAC is FIU’s Ropes/Challenge course and experiential learning center. Students gain a sense of personal achievement by completing challenges thought to be impossible,” said Assistant Director Jennifer Cooper. “I really see students coming out of their comfort zone during their time at TRAC.”

The ropes course offers team building exercises to grant participants the opportunity to overcome their obstacles as a unit. Various student organizations at FIU make attending TRAC as an annual event.

“Attending TRAC is extremely helpful for student government,” said Larissa Adames, advisor for the BBC Student Government Association. “It helps our new members each year gel with the rest of the members. We look past our differences to solve the problems we are faced with.”

In the midst of the course, students are placed in situations that help their leadership and teamwork skills flourish. Cooper said they can also form bonds with classmates as well as meet people that otherwise would only be another face in a classroom.

“TRAC strengthens the minds of students and instills leadership in them, thus strengthening the university as a whole,” said Cooper.

Students are welcomed to come by themselves, with friends and they don’t need to be part of an organization to participate. The course also accommodates anyone with a disability and is designed to meet the needs of a specific group in regards to focus area and the physical nature of the activities.

TRAC is located at the Biscayne Bay Campus next to the Kovens Conference Center. To attend TRAC, you can sign up online at

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