President Obama did fulfill his promises to the American people

Madelaine Albanes/Contributing Writer

He inherited one of the worst financial crisis to hit America since the Great Depression, was elected twice and is now finishing up his last presidential term as America’s first black president. Can you guess who this president is? That’s right, President Barack Obama.

The promises Obama made to the American people, I believe, were fulfilled to the best of his ability. Handling Congress and fighting for the most “yays” to pass a bill takes a lot of strength and during his presidency that’s what he displayed: strengths through the hard times.

If we were to just take a moment to honor Obama and remember his accomplishments along with his efforts to make the American people happy then maybe we can have greater hope for our future president, President-elect Donald Trump.

To start off with, one of the most noblest accomplishments of Obama’s legacy was when the Navy Seals killed Osama bin Laden, the terrorist behind the Sept. 11 attacks.  Through his death, the Americans that were affected by this attack can now let go of their anger and begin to heal.

One of the most helpful accomplishments under his presidency, however, was when Obama strived to create new employment opportunities in America. Our once debt-filled lives, where we struggled to feed our families because of the Great Recession was finally over thanks to his policies.

According to Kimberly Amadeo, president of Money Watch, since Obama took office, more than eight million jobs have been created, making him the fifth best job-creating president in U.S. history.

However, even though the recession did finish under Obama’s presidency, the unemployment rate also continued to rise but this wasn’t because Obama was unable to fulfill his promise.

According to an article Amadeo wrote for The Balance, this continuing rise in unemployment wasn’t because of Obama but because businesses need a few months of “economic growth” before they decide to start hiring again. This is why, she said, the economy continued to lose jobs until January 2010.

“If you add up all the jobs created since then, it totals 13.3 million jobs. That would make Obama the fourth best job creator among Presidents,” Amadeo said in The Balance. “Job gains may have been even better if Congress had approved Obama’s proposed American Jobs Act.”

So while it did take some time for Obama to reduce the unemployment rate, he did get the job done and yet again, fulfilled his promise.

Maybe you can say this article is taking too much pride in Obama, however that’s because we should take great pride in all of his accomplishments. After all, he had a full head of black hair when he went into office and now he’s leaving it with white hair. Now you know that shows he was stressing over not wanting to let America down, so thank you, Obama. Job well done!



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