Fitness class helps students ‘find relief’

Julieta Rodrigo // Staff Writer

It’s time to ditch the boring workouts and join the newest dance party at FIU.

Offered at the Biscayne Bay Campus Wellness and Recreation Center on Tuesdays from 12 to 1 p.m., Strong by Zumba combines Zumba dance fitness with elements of martial arts to achieve a total body workout and improve muscle definition.

Contrary to a traditional Zumba class which integrates dance into a high-cardio workout, Strong by Zumba resourcefully infuses more typical athletic moves into the routine along with dance. Exercises like leg swings, squats, and planks, as well as boxing-inspired punch and kick sequences get students sweating and grooving alongside upbeat music.

The class is creatively driven by the science of Synced Music Motivation, according to the Strong by Zumba website. For them, music is not an afterthought. Rather, the moves are specifically designed first, and music is later reverse-engineered to match the routine.

Edgar Bustos, a junior majoring in hospitality, has been attending the class for several months. He told FIUSM that he loves the class because it helps release the pressure and the stress from college.

“It’s a great way to find relief,” Bustos said. “It’s awesome for me.”

Instructor Ana Rodriguez believes that a perfect balance between spontaneous fun and repetition is the key to attaining a successful workout.

“The music, combined with the use of eight count [steps], makes it easy for students to learn without getting bored,” she said.

Rodriguez had a very energized and cheerful teaching style, which was helpful in keeping the class motivated and performing the exercises at full-capacity.

Tsaiyi Wu, a senior majoring in hospitality, has felt the intensity from the fast-paced exercise routines.

“You can feel the workout happening while you’re having fun,” Wu said. “I initially thought it was just going to dancing, but [Ana] incorporates extra moves to make you feel the burn and get you sweating.”

The class is a new way to incorporate exercise into one’s lifestyle. If you need some new dance moves or want to reach fitness goals in an enjoyable environment, you know where to find it.

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