Students look forward to BBC Involvement Fair

Written by Guethshina Altena/ News Director

With over 40 clubs and organizations, the University’s Biscayne Bay Campus welcomes numerous freshman and transfer students looking to get involved.

The Week of Welcome festivities at that campus usually consists of a series of events, one each day, including a breakfast, Madden tournament, smoothies and lunch.

During the Involvement Fair, students meet and chat with representatives from all the clubs and organizations available on their campus. It usually lasts four hours and students who sign up are eligible for a number of giveaways including t-shirts, water bottles, sunglasses etc.

Kaila Jospitre, junior marketing major, who has been going to the fairs at BBC for the past three years. She participated in the Week of Welcome there and became interested in that campus activities.

“The diversity aspect [at the Involvement Fair] struck with me the most, the organizers made sure that there was something from everywhere,” Jospitre said. “Being that FIU is international, they made the fair feel very homey and that’s what caught my attention the most.”

Jospitre hopes the fair this year will be just as exciting for her as it was the years before.

“This year, I am expecting a lot more people to show up. Although BBC is a smaller campus, I am eager to see how [ the fair] will expend now that there is housing at BBC,” said Jospitre.

The Involvement Fair at BBC is consistent and familiar according to Jospitre. “The faces that I’ve seen before, I keep seeing them again every year,” Jospitre said. “People actually remember you on this campus and what I loved the most was getting to know a lot of new clubs and organizations by simply going around tables.

Ashley Vilsaint, junior majoring in business, who has participated in BBC Involvement Fair in all her years at FIU. She is an active member of the Caribbean Student Association, the Haitian Student Association and the Black student Union.

“Most of the clubs that I got involved in during my college experience, I met them at the BBC Involvement fair,” Vilsaint said.

Vilsaint said that her experience at BBC fair so enjoyable that she cannot wait for the fair this year to see what new clubs and organizations that are coming to campus.

“Sometimes you sign up for a club and then forget but then they send you emails to remind you,” Vilsaint said. “I think the system really works on both campuses; the setting is quite welcoming and everyone can find something of interest to participate in.”

In the spring of 2015, Nimeha Milien, junior hospitality management major, went to the Involvement Fair at BBC. She remembers liking the organization of the tables around the WUC ballrooms and how it was filled with students looking for information.

“I want to go again this year, because it’s not only good to get involved on campus but i want to give myself new opportunities to grow and  and become a better person.”

After seeing the Involvement Fair at MMC, Nimeha compares by saying that BBC’s fair is more “Lively, it feel more homey and familiar because of the small number of people there,” she said.

Millien felt more comfortable and  that she could relax while getting to know the new organizations and making up her mind as to whether she would to sign up. The fact that the BBC fair was not crowed make the experience memorable for Nimeha and she looks forward participating again.

On Jan. 11, the BBC Involvement Fair of the Spring 2017 event will take place in the Panther Square.


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