Reading series: ‘An opportunity to share passion’ for writing

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Panthers at The Biscayne Bay Campus can experience the creative writing process first-hand at this year’s “Writers on the Bay” reading series, featuring award winning, best-selling author Ann Hood.

The Creative Writing Program, along with the Wolfe University Book Store and The Betsy Hotel, will be sponsoring the event with special thanks to the bookstore manager, Erica Garvey and Deborah P. Briggs of the hotel. Free food and refreshments will be served following the reading.

The program invites four writers every year to the University to the reading series. Julie Wade, an assistant professor of the Creative Writing program, has coordinated the event along with other students and faculty.

“We who teach and study creative writing have the opportunity to share our passion for the genres of poetry, fiction, and creative writing with a larger audience by bringing a diverse group of writers to campus,” said Wade.

Not only will attendees will be able to listen to a reading of one of Hood’s novels, but they will also be able to discuss the creative writing process and ask questions to gain more insight to the technique.

“Writers often speak extemporaneously about their writing process as they preface a work they are going to read or transition between works,” said Wade.

Other well-known authors who have visited the University included James Allen Hall, Pat Conroy, Amy Tan, Scott Turow. Not only has the event been successful for the Creative Writing Program, but it has brought avid readers, students and faculty alike, together.

“I like to think the benefits to the creative writing program and to the larger University community and beyond are mutual ones,” said Wade.

Another event sponsored by this program is “FIU MFA Alumni Reading,” an event at the beginning of every year where previous graduates from the University can share their published books.

Students can also look forward to novelist Lauren Grodstein on the next reading series on Feb.23 in the same location and time.

The event will take place on Thursday, Jan. 26 at the Barnes and Nobles in Wolfe Center at 8 p.m on The Biscayne Bay Campus.


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