A true artist is not always the people’s choice

Akilah Davis/ Contributing Writer

We all have dreams and aspirations. Only thing is, we don’t always get the attention we feel we deserve.

Society believes success is fit for one person at a time, and what sucks the most about this is that they don’t always get the right person.

I, myself, dream of one day becoming someone amazing, channeling all of my God-given talents into something breathtaking and way bigger than just myself. Only I’ll have to work for mine harder than most because I’m not the people’s choice, the popular or the favorite, of society’s.

I’m not saying that those in power, those with roles of authority or privilege, have not worked.

I’m only saying that for some, it’s so much easier to accomplish this global feat because of whatever prior powers, authorities or privileges they have while others will risk it all to gain access into this world. I am unlike this group of people.

I believe in true talent: not classic physical beauties, artificial influences, manipulations, or glitters and golds. I believe that through tirelessly sculpting my dreams the world will recognize me and others like myself for all the good and art that we’re trying to accomplish.

It isn’t fair that some public figures with questionable, or little-to-no talent and good-will have accessed what others can barely afford to dream of.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for those of us, like myself, who dream the most sincerest and unselfish dreams. And the best thing about these dreams and dreams in general is that they’re so much better in action than in thought. We as artists are creators, thinkers and visionaries.

“We’ll have to create our own avenues with the gifts that we already have,” Mosopefoluwa Ogundipe, a senior marketing major said. “At the end of the day, I believe that people will always choose what is real and authentic.”

I agree. I believe that society goes along and follows whatever they have dubbed as “normal,” “trendy,” and “agreeable,” but a true artist is rarely ever any of these things, and is definitely never all of these things at once. However, we are real. No one can deny our realness.

At the end of the day, what exists solely and aside from any other entity is the truth, and our art is our truth. It cannot be ignored nor erased. It will stand out and it will call to you, our internal, eternal truths. Even if we, the most authentically gifted, are the unpopular choice.

F is for “for.” As in, for others it may have been easy. For others it may have been luck, chance or happenstance.

As long as we work passionately, authentically, and most importantly, creatively, there is a place for us, the societal rejects, the artistically, emotionally and mentally exiled. For them it will be easy. But for me—for us—it will be authentically and passionately, through hard work and by the Grace of God.



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