Alumna’s diet alteration ‘changed her life’

Heather O’dell // Staff Writer

Katrina Rodriguez, FIU alumna and founder of Raw Vibes Miami, said her life changed when she went vegan, and she encourages everyone to live a healthy lifestyle.

“It all started when I began having stomach issues,” Rodriguez said. “I never felt good. I was always sick to my stomach. Doctors would prescribe me all these different medications to aid my digestion. Most of it wouldn’t really work or had bad side effects. That is when I decided to go vegan.”

Switching to a vegan diet means eliminating all animal products and products that come from animals. Vegans do not eat meat or consume dairy products; their diet is strictly plant-based.

“Changing my diet literally changed my life,” the chef said. “My stomach issues went away and I just felt really good. This is what drove me to my calling.”

Rodriguez attended Matthew Kenney Plant-based Culinary Academy in Santa Monica, California. After her time at MK, Rodriguez moved back to Miami and opened Raw Vibes Miami.

“I started off small by selling homemade almond milk that I would make from scratch every morning,” said Rodriguez. “After a while, I gained a lot of clients and they would always ask me for more products.”

Rodriguez continues to sell vegan products from her home, but she created a Raw Vibes Miami Instagram and Facebook account, where she posts vegan recipes for those who want to alter their lifestyle.

“It is always hard at first to go vegan or vegetarian, and it isn’t for everyone,” she said. “If you even have the slightest urge to change your diet, I really think you should. Everyone should give this lifestyle a chance.”

Rodriguez’s vegan recipes can be found on Instagram and Facebook @RawVibesMiami.



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