‘You’ll Never Get to Heaven’ single invites listeners ‘into the otherworldly’

Nazareth Izada/ PantherNOW

The latest single “Images,” from Canadian duo, “You’ll Never Get to Heaven” draws from the subdued sound of their last two releases and adds contrasting elements, which hint that the album will likely be the group’s most dynamic release yet.

From the upcoming album of the same name, “Images” is a testament to what has always made the duo stand out in a sea of current dream-pop bands: their knack for very subtle yet complex compositions.

The track takes their sound a step further by contrasting harsh percussion and mallet instruments with manipulated string textures that linger over nearly-whispered, soothing vocals. Every element of “Images” serves as a carefully-crafted layer to add onto the group’s hazy invitation into the otherworldly.

They continuously outshined their contemporaries by creating dream-pop that entices you into the unconscious rather than just putting you to sleep.

To be released on March 24, their third album is sure to be another intricate exploration of the strange and unattainable, and might just prove to be their most lucid dream so far.

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