Sex before sports ‘potentially distracting for the athlete’

Brett Shweky // Staff Writer

Pre-game rituals are custom to almost any athlete, from their game-day meals to the playlist of music they listen to before a game. Certain athletes will go beyond the typical routine and even swear off sex before competition.

This practice is not as uncommon; in fact, the late Muhammad Ali refused to have sex weeks before a match. He felt that it caused him to lose his motivation to succeed before a fight.

“Having sex before a game or type of exercise can potentially be distracting for the athlete,” said freshman criminal justice major Sabeen Raja. “When their minds should be focused on the play, their minds could potentially be elsewhere thinking about whoever or whatever.”

Medically speaking, there is no scientific evidence that supports sex is harmful to an athlete’s performance.

There have been a few studies completed looking specifically at sex and athletic performance. However, all the results were inconclusive.

“Exhaustion would be the only source of poor performance, however men and women only burn about 75-100 calories in typical sex session,” said sophomore sports medicine major Ashley Stokes. “Sex can actually relieve any anxiety levels, so athletes potentially can feel relaxed prior to the game. Sex when used correctly, can be beneficial in numerous different ways.”

In four separate studies that were testing strength and aerobic power, neither players that engaged in sexual activity or players that have be abstinent.

Scientist did discover that a female orgasm can potentially stop the release of a pain transmitter for almost 24 hours.

This means sex can become a muscle pain and soreness reliever for women.

“Sex can potentially increase stamina and also raise a person’s self esteem,” said senior sustainability and the environment major Janna-Vick Morris. “If athletes feel that sex is affecting the way they perform on the field, it is most likely a mental aspect.”

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