Xiu Xiu’s new single, Jenny GoGo, is ‘exciting and eccentric’

Francisco Lopez/PantherNOW

Unorthodox but not uncomfortable, Jenny GoGo is a return to Xiu Xiu’s avant-garde origins without alienating itself from the conventional music scene.

Featuring a deep and constant tonal bass with vague and unintelligible lyrics save for occasional phrases, the track looms over itself with anxiety. But this feeling is eased by the repetitive and predictable synth beats that inhabit the middle of the sonic space.

The outro is my favorite part of the song with the high pitched industrial embellishments at the end. This song is definitely weird, but exactly in the kind of way that defies one from avoiding it.

Song-wise, I’d compare it to encountering something in the “uncanny valley,” with enough sound to be music but not quite enough structure to be a conventional song. The effect being an exciting and eccentric single to anticipate their 2017 album “FORGET” with.

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