Campus involvement makes a difference

Heather O’Dell // Staff Writer

FIU, primarily a commuter school, has a lot of campus activities and organizations for students to be involved in. Nick La Roz, a junior studying pre-med, thinks joining Phi Delta Theta has changed his experience at FIU.

“A lot of students just go to class, maybe catch a bite to eat, study a little bit, and then go home,” said La Roz. “I used to be that kind of student too, until I decided to be involved on campus and join Phi Delta Theta.”

As a head in the Philanthropy committee for Phi Delta Theta, La Roz has many opportunities to help plan events on campus and, most importantly, give back to the community.

“Some people have mixed opinions when joining a fraternity or sorority,” said La Roz. “Since I’ve joined Phi Delt, I’ve had many opportunities to take a lead on many projects and make meaningful connections that can even help me in my professional career.”

Along with the people you meet by being involved on campus, all the fraternities and sororities participate in intramural sports.

“It’s always fun to play some games against other organizations on campus with some friendly competition” La Roz said. “We play soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball, anything. You name it.”

La Roz advises FIU students to get involved on campus any way they can. There are plenty of organizations a student can join whether it’s going Greek, running for a position for Student Government, or joining a club that’s relevant to your major.

“Having an active role on campus really makes a difference. I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” La Roz said. “The memories I’ve made during my time at FIU are ones I’ll never forget thanks to Phi Delta Theta.”


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