The importance of a nutritious diet

Nicholas Poblete // Contributing Writer

When starting a nutritious diet, it is important to eliminate harmful foods.

Andy Garcia, a graduate student who works as a personal trainer at the Wellness and Recreational center at the Modesto Maidique Campus, stressed the need to get rid of harmful foods from diets.

“Take out fast food, soda and anything with high sugar from your diet,” Garcia said.

He also stressed the importance of not eating anything processed.

“I don’t take steroids, but the food I eat does,” Garcia said.

Daniel Triche, a graduate student and personal trainer at the Wellness and Recreational Center at the Biscayne Bay Campus, also believes that eliminating junk food is important.

“No pizza, sweets, or food containing saturated fats,” Daniel Triche said.

Both Triche and Garcia stressed the importance of vegetables and fruits. Triche promotes eating whole foods, and Garcia believes that fruits are a key source of nutrients.

“Fruits have antioxidants and vitamins,” Garcia said. “These are important minerals we need.”

Garcia also talked about the importance of cutting down on red meats. White meat is leaner, he said, and has a lower fat content than red meat. Triche said he incorporates chicken, tilapia and tuna into his diet.

Combining workouts with a diet can help achieve a personal fitness goal, according to both trainers. Eating correctly can prevent diseases and illnesses such as cancer, diabetes or heart attacks. Nutrients also allow the body to generate the necessary amount of energy required to work at an optimal level.

Students interested in working with personal trainers can schedule a meeting by visiting the Student Affairs website.  

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