Intramural athletes care about their eating habits

Alex Del Valle // Staff Writer

Good nutrition is critical for everyone, but athletes especially understand firsthand how not following the proper meal regimen can affect performance.

The best fuel comes from a healthy diet. And in order to follow a healthy diet, it takes plenty of education, organization involvement.

Sophomore journalism student Ivo Caminata said he has taken full advantage of the intramural sports program, participating in indoor soccer and recognizing the importance of eating healthy at home.

“I consider myself an athlete. I play indoor soccer at FIU on a intramural team and I play on a Sunday league soccer team,” Caminata said. “I start my days off with a balanced diet, whipping up a scrambled egg and toast, and for lunch I have a loaded lunch I like to call it. A whole wheat sandwich with roast beef. Food is such an integral part of my performance on the pitch.”

Lost in the importance of food and the energy generated from it is the significance of hydration. Water acts as a cooling agent for our bodies, and it is essential for aiding in blood circulation, something athletes need to perform at a high level.

Senior student Moises Neciosup who is studying nutrition and plays a ton of basketball for exercise explained how much water you should drink a day.

“There is no doubt in my mind that food is important, but drinking water is key to the development of the body,” Neciosup said. “I suggest that you drink eight 8-ounce glasses, or half a gallon. You lose so much water sweating, it is a must to replenish these fluids.”

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