Female pro-athlete advocate for gender equality

Nicholas Poblete // Contributing Writer

As women in the public eye are using their influence to push for women’s equality, so are female athletes.

Micaela Rodriguez, an international relations senior, participates in FIU’s co-ed intramural soccer events. The senior said she believes soccer is currently dominated by men. But that doesn’t stop her from thinking, she said, that U.S. forward Alex Morgan is one to be admired.

“In my opinion, Alex Morgan is the best forward in the world,” Rodriguez said.

Morgan and her teammates have gone against the wage disparity between the men’s and women’s team. Their objections have led to new negotiations with the U.S. Soccer Federation over a new labor deal.

Selena Everitt, a political science sophomore, is a member of FIU’s Women’s Rugby club. For her, Serena Williams is a prominent woman in sports. Everitt said she believes Serena Williams is strong, hard-working, successful and humble.

“Williams inspires me to work hard,” Everitt said. “I don’t want to be a professional athlete, but I do want to be the best I can be in rugby,” Everitt said.

Serena’s sister, Venus Williams, has also voiced her opinion on the gender wage disparity. In 2005, when Venus was crowned champion of Wimbledon, one of tennis’s biggest tournaments, she spoke out against the disparity between women’s prize money and that of the men’s.

Maria Sharapova, another tennis player, joined the cause. The pressure that these athletes exerted on the Wimbledon committee paid off in 2007, when the committee decided to award the same prize money for both men and women.

Everitt said by these female athletes living as they please, they are pushing for female equality.

“By being present on social media and just living their lives the way they want, they are promoting equality and acceptance, and that is enough,” Everitt said.

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