BBC residents discuss living at Bayview

With less than two months left in the semester, the people living in Bayview must begin or may have already begun the process of re-applying for their lease. The prices to live by the Bay may have changed, but not many students complained about the change.

On the Bayview website, students are able to write critiques; the majority of students had positive reviews according to both the Bayview website and Google.

“I’ve received immense amounts of satisfaction from guests at Bayview,” said former Housing Senator for BBC Nikole Torregiante. “Rarely do I ever hear any complaints, especially this semester now that the jitters of being a new complex have dissipated and any issues in office that may have existed have been resolved. Everyone loves the convenience and the community of the complex.”

Located behind the Marine Science Building and next to the Roz and Cal Kovens Conference Center, the nine-story building features 410 rooms, a pool, sky lounge, 24-hour gym, lounge area with televisions located on every floor, study rooms, free internet and cable, computer lab with both PCs and MAC computers, a free printing machine and a conference room. Bayview also offers multiple household items for residents. These include refrigerators, stoves, individual lease liabilities and sweeping views of the bay and Biscayne Bay Campus.  

Bayview does have some flaws; some residents had complaints including problems with the wifi and cell phone connection. One student also made note of the change in payment.

“I don’t really like how the leasing works,” said Fiorella Jones, a digital media senior. “They kind of just changed the amount that I have to pay and didn’t tell me anything. Plus, the leasing doesn’t have any plan for students that graduate in the fall semester. I have to find someone to take my room. The people here aren’t much help.”

Despite the criticism, Jones still rated Bayview four out of five stars.

The new housing payments revolve on paying extra depending on the view that the student would like. Students are allowed to select between either four, two or single bedroom.

After that, residents can decide what view they would like to have. The current two choices are either campus view or a view of the bay. Finally, students have the option to chose upgrade to a prime or penthouse room option.

Even as a resident, I’ve come to find Bayview has no bad views from what I’ve experienced,” said Torregiante. “If a view, in addition to what you get as part of your rent, is something you’d truly want, then it kind of plays with supply and demand.”

Students also voiced their concern over the problem with traveling to retail and grocery stores. There are only five locations to eat on campus that are all closed on Saturday and Sunday. Most residents have struggled with driving to local business like Publix and Costco. The concern is with people that do not own cars.

While living at Bayview, residents have access to the Panther Express which transports the students between campuses free of charge,” said Kristie Zapata, assistant community director for Bayview student living. “The NOMI Express is a public transportation bus that travels all throughout North Miami on four routes. NOMI is free of charge, and has a stop that is walking distance from Bayview. These two modes of transportation make it easy for our residents to get around town without the use of a personal vehicle.”

For students who may be interested, Bayview offers a tour of the area, which includes a sample room and a view of the sky lounge located on the ninth floor. Space is almost at full capacity.

For more information please contact the front desk or visit their website at

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