Spring break for workaholics is much-needed

Cayla Bush/Editor-in-Chief

As a self-proclaimed workaholic, I am not ashamed to admit that I will be working through spring break.

Yes, while my friends are posting SnapChat stories and Boomerangs on Instagram of them fake-laughing for false candids, I will be in an office lit by fluorescent lights that smells of old newspapers and slight sadness.

No, I’m not bitter. In fact, because I work on campus, I’m glad parking will be a breeze, traffic will be lighter and I’ll have fewer forced interactions with classmates.

Spring break is, for me, a time to have a well-deserved mental break from the emotional work it takes to be “on” all the time. Everyone who will trouble me throughout the day will be off somewhere pretending to have the time of their life for social media and I’ll be able to rejoice in knowing that I can finally get some work done.

Instead of wondering why my group mate wants me to split the cost of the memory card he bought, I’ll be able to focus on editing my video projects and calculating how many public speaking assignments I can forget due to senioritis without risking failing the class.

Rather than pretend that the girl who says every sentence as if it’s a question isn’t grating the last nerve I have, I’ll be able to organize my desk and color-code all the paperwork I use.

Life will be beautiful.

I know I’m not the only workaholic who is looking forward to going to work during spring for this reason. We’ll complain about it via text, telling our friends we hate we can’t go to the beach on a whim because we’ll be stuck in an office while secretly glowing inside because our office chair has the lumbar support hot sand doesn’t.

We’ll say we hate not being able to try out the new restaurant that opened in Coral Gables this week but know we won’t miss the headache of parking and then having small talk when all we want is to get a nice wine buzz and go to bed.

My friends will spend their days on the beach and nights in Wynwood, while I’ll be spending my days in a room that has air conditioning and office supplies, two of my top five favorite things. The beach and Wynwood, however, are two of my least favorite.

Don’t cringe at the life I’ve chosen, it suits me well. I thrive off the pressure that a crippling fear of failure and the disappointment of others brings.

I also feel most at home far away from the health benefits of sunlight and outdoor activity. But above all, the freedom to spend my money as I’d like because I worked hard to earn it. One of the greatest motivators in life is green faces. Being a workaholic was pretty much my only lifestyle choice.

I’m not a loser who has no life. I have great friends that I appreciate more than they know.

Over the weekend, I’ll do brunch with them and get mimosa happy and remember why I schlep from west Kendall to Coral Gables or Wynwood.

But during the week, I belong in an office.

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