‘Graduate Student Week’ showcases work of graduate students

Cayla Bush/ Editor in Chief

In order to showcase the work of graduate students, the Graduate and Professional Students Committee is hosting a Graduate Student Week from March 27 to March 31.

The committee, which comprises graduate, law and medical school senators from SGC-MMC, focuses on representing graduate students and working to educate undergraduate students of the work that will be expected in grad school.

“We have guest speakers come out and we allow students to present their work that they’ve been doing while they’re in school. It gives them a chance to promote themselves and all the great things that they’ve been doing in their courses with the help of professors and mentors,” said Mwai Osahar, the chair of GPSC.

Osahar says the appreciation week also allows whoever attends the events to see the talent that the University produces.

The week of events consists of a symposium, keynote address, comedy show and networking social.

“The social is going to be on Thursday at Vicky’s (sic) and they have an event that night as well which is an open mic night, so it should be fun,” Osahar said. “I spoke with the manager out there and he said that when he opened the location he had grad students in mind because there was nothing geared specifically to grad students, so it’s a very fitting location.”

In addition the these events, there will be presentations from graduate students of each school, which Osahar says he’s most excited for.

“I like the presentations because it allows me to get a glimpse of the fields and colleges I’m not in,” he said. “You have all these different presentations from all of these different corners of campuses.”

This year, the week will focus on innovation. Osahar says it’s the first time that GSAW has a theme, but it’s a tradition he’d like to see continue.

“Everybody can see exactly how their major or their education fits into or assists with a particular category. Innovation can mean a wide range of things,” Osahar said. “For example, someone in the educational field might not grasp immediately how they play an innovative role in the future, but once you pose that question they’ll have the time to think about how educators help with innovation, leading to them understanding they foster creativity in their students.”

According to him, the events are created to provide graduate students the opportunity to hone their skills for the professional world.

“[Presenters] have the ability to educate someone who may not have any idea of what’s going on in that field at the time. If the presenter is good, they can paint a picture and be memorable down the road as someone who knows how to do that niche thing,” Osahar said.

The events taking place during GSAW are open to the community, including undergraduate students. The events will kick off with the presentations on Monday, March 27.


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