Fairgrounds should be used to expand FIU

Amanda Jung/ Staff Writer

I think that the idea of Miami Youth Fair coming around is something that gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling. We have all gone to the fair with our families, pigged out on all the different foods that they offer and of course, rode the rides until we felt like we were going to be sick.

But what happens when the fair starts to interfere with our normal lives? This is the issue that has been presented to the FIU community. Every year the fair comes to town for a few days. You have to think; is this worth it in the long run for FIU when we have the need to expand?

Last year was the first time I ever attended the Fair. Prior to going, I had heard rumors that the Fair would not be around much longer because the property now belongs to Florida International University.

Nevertheless, I attended the Fair and had an enjoyable time with friends. But this fun event is something that only lasts a few days. And before you know it, the rides are being taken down and packed up, only to sit around for another year before it was once again time for the fair.

This is not to say that the land is not used throughout the rest of the year. But it is just not used to the best of its abilities. Last year I attended a Feed My Starving Children event. Other events are held in the convention center as well.

Florida International University has bigger plans for this large amount of land, however, according to the Miami Herald, FIU “unveiled a 150 million dollar engineering center that it wants to build on 64 acres of county parkland.” We know this better as the Youth Fair every April.

When I think about it, the decision is not as easy as it may appear. On one hand, we have a community that is passionate about traditions and having a place as an outlet for entertainment. But on the other, we have a community of students and staff who would benefit from expansion.

Many students want more parking and a bigger and better campus. We want the money that we are putting into the school to be reflected in and around campus.

Like President Rosenberg said, “sometimes hard decisions have to be made…The mayor has the power of leadership” and “understands, if he’s really committed to jobs, what is at risk here.”

Personally, I think that if we are going to be “worlds ahead” then it is time that we start using the land allocated for the Youth Fair to help enhance our campus.

This is not only a matter of convenience, but giving every student the best opportunities in their education possible.  

I have many friends who are engineering majors and have gotten so excited at the thought of having their major’s courses more accessible at the main campus.

If we could all have our own way, I am sure that we would like different things to be done with their land. We all want something that is going to cater our own wants and needs.

Some people want old traditions to continue so they can continue going to the fair each year. Personally, I would love to see the land used for more parking and room for classrooms.

I am a hospitality major and although it would be a dream for my courses to be offered on this campus, I just do not think that it would be realistic. Since we do have an entire campus dedicated to this major, I think we would have more luck using the land for some of the things mentioned above.

All of this is obviously very up in the air. But I think if we are just sitting on this land, we might as well make some plans in order to continue growing and expanding Florida International University.



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