Sophomore jumper wins C-USA title for high jump

Steven Melendez // Contributing Writer

Clarissa Cutliff won the C-USA title for high jump during the USA Men’s and Women’s Indoor Track and Field Championships, and she said she felt elated.

“Honestly, it’s an honor to know that you won over multiple schools,” said Cutliff. “It’s a great feeling.”

Throughout the season, Cutliff has performed well in high jumping, so far having a team-high five first-place finishes. Her reason for success, she said, is self-motivation.

“I have this mental drive. Every time I do well, I just want to do better,” she said. “Once I hit a mark that I wanted, I’m always just looking forward and motivated for the future.”

Cutliff has been involved in multiple competitive sports since high school, including basketball, high jump and long jump. She said the support from family also keeps her going.

The high jumper said she loved “being able to have my parents at every meet and being able to see them up in the stands.”

“They are my biggest supporters,” she said.

In addition to self-motivation and family support, having the right mentality is one of the biggest factors to completing a high jump, according to Cutliff.

“It’s all mental. You have to be focused and mentally in the game,” said Cutliff.

Though she won the C-USA conference title in high jump, the sophomore added, that she still gets anxious.

“You might see me doing these big jumps, but I’m nervous,” she said.

Even the most experienced athletes can feel nervousness from time to time, but Cutliff shows that as long as you keep the mental focus, anything is possible.

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