Student Government Association ‘happy’ to accommodate students with new expansion plans

Jasmine Casimir // Asst. Sports Director

The University’s recreation centers are provided for students to utilize for their high-end, health club-like experiences during their workouts.

But money doesn’t grow on trees, and the rec centers know this better than anyone. Both centers have been expanded throughout the years, and students who are utilizing these new projects have no idea that it is the Student Government Association who is funding the rec centers for these new projects to take place.

“With providing the recreation center with the best operations, SGA has a specific amount of funds that we provide for the rec center which is just a little over $800,000 for a span of three years,” said Alian Collazo, President and University Trustee of SGC-MMC.

The rec center creates new projects every year to be able to expand the center for students to enjoy their workout, according to Collazo.

Director of MMC Recreation Center Charles Judkins says that the expansion includes a 65,000 square feet of three new indoor basketball courts and two new outdoor basketball courts with a volleyball area.

“We want to accommodate patrons where they have a chance to work out and expand their cardio and strength,” said Judkins. “The expansion will also include programming more work out classes and intramural teams.”

Director of BBC Recreation Center Eli “Elias” Bardawill, mentions that students who are utilizing the rec center are destined to live more healthier, productive lives.

“We are aiming to become second place on campus where students feel comfortable with using the rec center to relax and stay healthy,” said Bardawill. “There is an ever growing population at FIU, and we want it to continue to expand with the money that SGA is providing us.”

Every semester that a student enrolls to take classes, there is a fee that is included in the tuition called the athletic fee. This fee covers the use of the recreation centers and amenities that come with it.

“Although we are funding the rec centers, students also play a role in funding them as well in their student fees,” said Leo Cosio, chief of staff for SGC-BBC. “That’s why it’s important for us to expand the rec center and properly utilize the base budget we offer so that students can see how their money is being used.”

If the recreation centers do need more money for additional projects, they are also welcomed to “request additional funds for special projects that may include maintenance or other specific things.”

“We also try to have an open line of communication with the director of the recreation center because that’s how we generate new ideas and fix any problems that may come up,” said Collazo.

Students who have new project ideas for expanding the recreation center are welcome to reach out to the directors of both MMC and BBC Rec Centers, as well as the SGA departments.

“Because we are FIU students ourselves, we are honored and very happy that we are able to provide this great service for students like myself to utilize with amenities,” said Meredith Marseille, comptroller for SGC-BBC.

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