Love is not a fairytale but ‘a state of existence’

Akilah Davis/ Staff  Writer

The media portrays relationships to be something from fairytales. Men, who are willing to do anything and everything to express his undying love for her, and women, who are so innocent, so dainty and so beautiful.

What society fails to tell us is that relationships are entities. They move and grow, shrink and absorb, release and everything else. To be “in love,” is a state of existence.

It’s when two people come together and create their own world with themselves as the sole occupants. It means they now have to learn how to coexist with one another, and tear down whatever boundaries they each have in order to be able to explore one another, in growth and in unity.

Why must society take this incomparable luxury, make it a thing of entertainment and then capitalize it? In truth, it’s no one’s business, but God’s and their own.

Society likes to identify the problems or controversies within these romantic unions and highlight them.  

However, some may think that society enjoys your relationship if it’s problematic. I on the other hand think society exploits and intrudes more if your coupling seems ideal, enchanting and maybe even perfect.

Society makes us chase these fairytales. Society believes in fairytales so strongly that it makes a public scandal of the couples who have failed to reach their impossible standards. Those who can’t be the fairytale are ridiculed.

 And those of us, like myself, who wrote our own fairytales, whether it’s because we prefer solitude, or we haven’t found our lifetime partner yet, or we’re running from true love altogether, become the lepers. Society makes us feel “un-normal” because we’re single and unwanted.

If everyone is coupled then am I no one? I’m not sure. But I will say this: I’ve loved.

I’ve loved deeper than any ocean, brighter than any sunlight, and heavier than any thundercloud.

Only my love wasn’t matched.

That doesn’t make me bitter, or undesirable or lonely. It makes me strong. To know the strength of my love and the resilience in my heart to not settle for any lesser form of love.

I is for I. As in, I am my own fairytale. If there is no guy to save me and love me, then I will do so for myself.


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