Neon.wav — 7-8pm, March 31, 2017

Hosted by Nico 99

Marimba by べたTOPAZ GANG

I Want Cha Back by Yung Bae

Cherry (feat. Night Tempo & Punipunidenki) by Macross 82-99, Night Tempo, punipunidenki
Fill The Void by Yuni Wa
Have Hope by Macross 82-99
Jutsu by Macross 82-99
Private Beach by Cosmic Cycler
Harajuku Heat (feat. Facy Sedated) by Macross 82-99, Facy Sedated
ビッグはおっぱいFEELME by べたTOPAZ GANG
The Times We Had by BOX OF WOLVES
Macross Plus by Macross 82-99
まろやかな MELLOW  by オウムのジャングルPARROT JUNGLE 95
This Love is Real by Wild Thought
Dance! by Macross 82-99
What Bo En Taught Me by HARRISON
Magic ’84 by Wasted Nights
Pretend (feat. Samsi) by Macross 82-99, Samsi
Fabreze by Shadley Peterson
happiness by architecture in tokyo

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