Flesh World 02:09 — 9pm to 10pm, April 12, 2017

Hosted by: Emily ft. Megalonyx
I Know You’ll Be There by Shelley Fabares, Leola & The Lovejoys
Womb by doon kanda
Exquisite Tension by You’ll Never Get to Heaven
Urchin by Arca
Five Ten Fiftyfold by Cocteau Twins
Desire Lines by Lush
Nobody’s Girl by Karen Kelly, Tracey Dey
My Own True Love by Connie Stevens
Inward by The Soft Moon
Sixteen Days (Reprise) by This Mortal Coil
Ways Regained by Pye Corner Audio
Brighter Still by Bethany Curve
The Fading Faces by Symmetry
Strange Pleasures by Still Corners
Goes By by Emeralds
Break It to Me Gently by Brenda Lee

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