Neon.wav — 7-8pm, April 14, 2017

Hosted by Nico 99
Intro by Desired
The Sweetest Dream by Desired
Pretend (feat. Samsi) by Macross 82-99, Samsi
Midnight Dance by Desired
SkyNet Corp by Yuni Wa
I Love You So by Desired
Good Night by Cosmic Cycler
Moonlight Queen by Desired
Aurora by JD senuTi
Your Body by Tendencies
Sunset On The Shore by Android Apartment
Highlight by Moe Shop
Hi High by Future Girlfriend 音楽
Pillow Talk by Yung Bae
Second Chance by Desired
Cruiser by ESPRIT 空想
Finesse (Hey Baby) by Flamingosis
Human by bl00dwave
Shooting Star by Desired

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