College a time for self discovery and exploration

Carolina Sanchez/ Staff Writer

This semester concludes my last full, in-person semester at FIU as an undergrad. I’ll culminate my undergraduate career by participating in a short study abroad during the summer through FIU, and afterwards officially graduating thereafter.

My two years here at FIU have been nothing but rewarding. I have learned to appreciate the diversity of South Florida, represented by FIU’s student body. It has shown me that bilingualism goes beyond Spanish and English, and the importance of being cognizant and knowledgeable about the rest of the world.

Though I plan to continue my education over the next three years in law school, my time as an undergrad student here at FIU has been my best scholastic experience to date.

Partaking in different organizations such as Student Media and the Chess Club,  and indulging in the knowledge my teachers have offered is truly what has made my undergrad years both worthwhile and successful.

FIU is a large campus with equally numerous options. Try new things, find a club you like, learn a new language, take a class outside of your major that you feel might really pique your interests.

I became a contributing writer and landed my own column in the Panther Press because one of my professors linked my taste for controversial topics to my writing style. Though I have never done any kind of journalism before, I took the plunge. It is truly one of my most cherished accomplishments.

I took courses outside of my major, which is English, such as Criminal Justice and the Constitution and World Religions, in order to make sure that I remained open to all of my current interests as well as prospective interests. I asked teachers to give me feedback on editorials, found inspiration about current issues in the world by swapping ideas with peers, and met people who shared the same areas of interests as me.

Undergrad is a very powerful time in a student’s life because it allows them the opportunity to indulge in multiple subjects and topics, perpetuating current passions or creating new interests for you. I encourage you to use this time to take advantage of all the resources available to you in life, and find explore different classes, clubs and opportunities.



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